Machinery assembly and disassembly

Machinery assembly and disassembly are tasks awaiting owners of industrial plants when they choose to expand or move them to another location. The continued correct operation of equipment depends on how the job is done. All efforts should be made to ensure as little impact as possible on other processes in the plant. Is there a way to disassemble the entire installation without paralysing the whole business? Of course there is! But to make it happen, it’s best to employ a trusted contractor.

Machinery disassembly – how is the work planned?

Any disassembly of industrial machinery starts with talking to the client. Open exchange of detailed information allows us to plan works so that they have no effect on the operation of other machinery in the plant, or at least to make sure this impact is as low as possible. Our actions are carefully planned with advance.

Depending on the level of complexity, the disassembly may be time-consuming and done in stages, which is why creating a schedule should always be one of the first tasks. Making a plan in advance allows the client to introduce any necessary changes to other areas, if needed. Together with the client, our specialists discuss how to proceed to avoid the stoppage of the entire plant. Dividing the works into stages allows to free up a certain area and smoothly transition to other works.

Professional disassembly of industrial machinery

Our company has extensive resources to complete professional assembly and disassembly of industrial equipment. Our equipment includes specialised cranes, various hydraulic devices such as overhead cranes and lifts, transport rollers and platforms or air lifting bags.

With such extensive selection of equipment we are able to disassemble even the most complex industrial installations. We have been working on projects involving the disassembly of furnaces, injection moulders and hydraulic presses. A team of experiences specialists plans and supervises the assembly and disassembly of machinery that, due to their very large weight, may turn out to be a problem for teams lacking specialised equipment.

Na czym polega obróbka metali

Machinery assembly and disassembly – sharing our experience with you!

One of our areas of speciality is the assembly and disassembly of industrial equipment Having access to the latest technologies and highly skilled professionals, we provide services of the highest quality. We diligently plan all stages of works and consult the schedule with the client, to the finest detail. The priority is to ensure that the remaining processes in the plant are not disturbed.

Are you planning assembly or disassembly of industrial machinery in your plant and are looking for a reliable, trusted contractor? Don’t wait – contact us now! We will be happy to answer all your questions and provide all information about our offer.

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