B8 Group

We work in the area of project management and engineering consulting.
At our company, you can rely on a comprehensive contract service as a part of transport planning and implementation and lifting heavy, large elements.

Relocation of machines

We offer professional and comprehensive relocation services. We provide efficient and safe relocation of the device from anywhere in the country. At our company, relocation of the machines doesn’t end at unloading.

Assembly and disassembly of machines

We provide professional and safe assembly and disassembly of production lines, machines and devices of any size, in compliance with health and safety regulations.

Transfer of production lines

We offer professional transfers of production lines. We have many years of experience and technical background, thanks to which we can undertake a wide range of transport services.

Electrical engineering and industrial automation

Thanks to the knowledge and experience of our employees and modern technical solutions, we offer the implementation and installation of technological line control system.

Design and assembly of assembly lines

The scope of our design and assembly services of assembly lines includes the creation of 3D models, designs of machines, technical drawings and documentation.

Production – Metalworking

Both for our needs as well as for ordered projects, we undertake precise metal shaping, i.e. laser cutting, bending, machining, welding, shot blasting, and paint job.



B8 Group offers safe and reliable transport of the device being relocated from anywhere in the country.



Assembly is an extremely difficult challenge from the logistic and technical point of view in order to maintain production continuity.
Who can handle it? B8 Group company which has the knowledge and many years of experience.



We provide comprehensive, specialised, versatile
and long-term technical maintenance of machines, devices and also entire production lines.



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The mission of our company is to deliver our clients the highest quality of services. We specialise in relocation, assembly and disassembly of machines, transfer of production lines, electrical and industrial automation and also in designing and assembly of assembly lines and in production – metal processing.
What makes us stand out?
Many years of experience and high professional competence of our employees fully translates into the quality of services provided by our company.

We provide services both to local companies as well as to large industrial plants. Relocation, assembly or installation of machines and other devices require many years of experience and precise preparation. We are fully aware of that fact, that’s why at the initial stage of the entire process, we conduct accurate analyses of the order. In a comprehensive way, we create an individual plan of operation, based on proven and the most optimal solutions and also on cost optimisation for the client.

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We have more than 10 years of experience.

Remember that some investments require specialist knowledge.
Do not save on the company’s development!
By focusing on quality, you focus on reliability and stabilisation.

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