Factory relocation

Relocation of machinery and equipment is a relatively common task in industry and production. Sometimes it is needed to relocate an entire production plan – all equipment, including heavy machinery and technological lines, must be moved to the company’s new site. How to complete such tasks?

Relocation of production plants – how is it done?

Relocation of production plants often happen in construction business, where enterprises have extensive areas of operation. Naturally, employees can be always delegated to travel for work and all sites can be equipped with their own equipment, but this is not a viable solution – especially if only a single project is scheduled for the new place. Erecting a completely new production plant is not an economical solution in such cases. The cost of purchase of new equipment and the time needed to obtain new permits reduce the project’s profitability. In such cases factories are simply relocated.

Relocation of production plants is best left to specialised enterprises with adequate resources. A mission like this requires, firstly, a good plan, a team of experts and technologically advanced equipment.

Professional factory relocation – how to select a contractor?

When selecting a contractor to relocate a production plant only go with those who have experience and technological capabilities. Additionally, check their completed projects – if a contractor has a portfolio of successfully completed projects, you can expect that they will handle your relocation with good results just as well. It also pays to see how a contractor approaches the execution of the project. A carefully made plan, open and honest communication with the client speak volumes of their reliability.

Czym jest relokacja maszyn

Production plant relocation – trust our experience!

We have successfully completed dozens of relocation projects. Relocation of heavy equipment, international transfers, projects involving industrial machinery and even aircraft – these are our daily challenges. We have top tier equipment for reliable transportation and all actions within the project are planned by a team of highly skilled professionals.

The only thing that will surprise you is how efficient we are! Want to see for yourself? If you are looking for a production plant relation contractor, call us and ask for detailed information.

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