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We have experience in small and large projects, simple and complicated ones. We take on very different projects and always look for optimal solutions. Examples of our projects can be found here: Our projects

The majority of our projects are international relocations. We not only carry out such tasks within Poland, but also between other countries, and from Poland.

One of our projects involved lifting a 360-ton machine.


We have our own project managers, engineers, and technicians, including electricians, welders, and fitters. We are very proud of our team – thanks to them we can implement every project.

It all depends on the type of machine, but we usually work with rollers, forklifts, and cranes.

We have our own equipment, so we are independent. We use a mobile overhead crane, industrial cranes, specialized forklifts, and a full range of hydraulic, and pneumatic equipment.

Handling and implementation of projects

We are very flexible – we carry out projects at non-standard hours and on weekends.

Feel free to contact us – we will determine the details together during the meeting.

Feel free to contact us – we will determine the details depending on the type of machine, its dimensions, and weight. You can read more about machine relocation at: Relocation of machines

We can answer this question during a conversation about a specific machine.

Range of services

It is our specialty. We not only install production lines but also design them. You can read more about this service at: relocation of production lines

Yes, we retrofit production lines – for us, such projects are almost commonplace.

Yes, unloading machines and placing them in the indicated place are among our most common implementations.

Of course, we have qualified electricians in our teams who carry out such operations. You can read more about the installation of machines at: Installation of machinery

We provide a comprehensive service, so we also deal with scrapping machines. You can read more about machine disassembly at: Disassembly of machinery

Yes, we provide these types of services.

Of course, we cooperate with an experienced surveyor, with whom we have already carried out many such measurements.

We have experience in this field, so we are perfectly able to help in the implementation of such a project. You can read more about the design and construction of production lines at: Design and construction of assembly lines

Yes, we often prepare oversized machines for transport and carry out such transports.

Yes, we have designed and implemented these types of projects.

Of course, we have experience in these industries as well. They require custom processes and procedures, and we know what solutions to apply.

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