Production line relocation

Relocation of a production line is a massive task that may be limited to the original plant or be conducted outside, to a new location. Each of these cases requires a carefully crafted strategy to ensure that relocation of the line does not interrupt other processes in the business. What exactly is the relocation of a production plant?

Czym jest transfer linii technologicznych

Production line relocation – what is in the service?

Technological line relocation consists in moving the complete line to a new site. It covers the initial disassembly of the production line, the transfer of all elements and their assembly in the target location. The service also covers starting up the relocated technological line to ensure that all relocation stages were completed as planned.

The process can be completed only with a previously arranged, detailed plan. This is especially important when relocating production lines. Developing a realistic schedule that ensure no other processes in the plant are interrupted is one of the most important steps. Production line relocation may be deemed complete once all elements are assembled in the target location and no faults or errors are found upon restarting the newly reassembled equipment.


Comprehensive relocation of technological lines

We deal with comprehensive organisation and execution of relocations of production lines. We carry out the loading of equipment, machinery and containers to the means of transport. We also organise road transport of standard and non-standard loads to all destinations in Poland and Europe. As a part of our services we pack, tie down and secure machinery for the duration of the transfer. We can organise sea and air transport, including loading and unloading the freight.

Relokacja fabryk - na czym polega

Production line relocation – benefit from our experience!

Our company is proud to have years of experience in relocation technological lines, both on a smaller and larger scale, with relocation of production plants being our main speciality. We have our own, top of the line technological equipment to handle the transport of even the heaviest components. Our hydraulic lifts are capable of lifting industrial presses and mould injectors and their experience operators ensure smooth operation. For our clients this is a guarantee that the project is completed efficiently and all its stages are completed without delays. We value professional contact with our clients and the ability to provide them with comprehensive service. This is why, when collaborating, we create a joint agenda with the client and pursue it together.

Planning a relocation of your production line and looking for the right contractor? Our experts are happy to help! Contact us to talk about detail of collaboration.

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