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Assembly of the SECO WARWICK furnace for heat treatment of metals

Assembly of the SECO WARWICK furnace for heat treatment of metals. Unloading of a 25 tones furnace using a hydraulic crane isn’t an easy task but it went smoothly. We moved the machine into the hall on rollers and then using a hydraulic crane we set the press at the height of – 1 meter from the floor.

Press assembly in Jawor

Unloading the press using a crane in elements and then moving it into the hall on rollers and assembly using a crane. The entire operation was conducted in a low-height hall which significantly obstructed the assembly of the high press. Fortunately, precision is not a challenge for us and everything went perfectly.

Installation of the injection moulding machine in Dobczyce

Our tasks included unloading, move-in and then assembly with routing and connection of all utilities to the Engel ES 7050H / 7050M / 2300 DUO injection moulding machine. In the entire project, the greatest challenge was unloading the injection moulding machine weighting 6 tons in a 9-metre high hall. The unloading was conducted using two cranes.

Relocation of machines in Świebodzice

Comprehensive service of machine relocation for a large manufacturing company. Disassembly of the production line in the Czech Republic. Then, transport of the line to Poland (Świebodzice) unloading using a crane, move-in of the machines on the rollers to the hall and assembly. In the case of one machine, to allow levelling up, the roof needed to be opened up to put the machine in its destination using the crane and rollers.

Relocation in Legnica

On 14-15.05 in Legnica, in a production plant operating in the automotive industry, we conducted the order for the relocation of two presses. The pictures present unloading and the process of move-in of two automatic, precise Bruderer presses weighting 20 tones each. The machines were unloaded using a self-propelled crane and then placed on special rollers on which the machines were moved in the place indicated by the client. In their final location, they were placed on the floor. In the next stage, our electricians started to connect the cabinet and control panel of the press, they took care to connect everything in compliance with DTR machine documentation. Within a month, it was our second operation at the same client’s and thanks to professional and fast project completion we hope that is the beginning of fruitful cooperation.

Unloading and move-in of the Trane cooling unit into the hall

On May 15, 2020, our qualified team, using a crane with a balancer, unloaded the Trane cooling unit in the town of Pawłowiczki. The machine was placed on special rollers thanks to which the technicians could move it in and set the device on vibration isolators in a place designated by the client. Once again our employees handled the task quickly, leaving a very good impression.

Removal and loading of the machine – Durst plotter

Our technicians removed the hall Durst Rho P10 200 plotter from a hall using a forklift with a capacity of 7 tones and transport rollers and then they loaded it on the transport vehicle provided by the client. Before we had moved out the machine it was packed on a wooden base prepared for transport, secured with special transport holders and then tightly packed so that there are no damages during transport.

Unloading and the move-in of KM 50-180 CX

At the request of our client in Szczecin, we unloaded and then moved in on rollers and set up the Krauss Maffei KM 50-180 CX injection moulding machine. For the entire operation, apart from our technicians, we used a 45 tons crane and a forklift. The entire process was traditionally supervised by our Project engineer who each time takes care that the relocation goes without any obstacles.

Hotel Radisson Blu

Unloading, moving into the facility, and assembly of cooling unit at the Hotel Radisson Blu. Our technicians using a knuckleboom crane, unloaded the cooling unit and then it was moved on the -3 level in the underground garage using transport rollers. The new cooling unit was installed in the place of the old one which was scrapped. In the near future, we will be replacing another cooling unit for this client.

Modernisation of the sewage treatment plant

For several weeks, we’ve been undertaking modernisation of the sewage treatment plant. We started our work from the disassembly of two containers with all fixtures and hydraulic and electrical installation for gravity sediment collection. Then we’ve made a new floor, new hydraulic, electrical and ventilation installation, and we moved the residue pressing press into the facility. Due to limitations that we’ve encountered during disassembly of containers and during the move-in of the filter press, we had to develop the technology of disassembly and assembly in such a way to avoid the disassembly of walls and roof of the hall. Our engineers, together with a team of technicians have faced the challenge and the entire process was finished before the deadline. Electricians, mechanics, plumbers and welders participated in the entire project. We used a crane, Knuckleboom crane, telescopic handler, forklift, articulated lift, rollers and hydraulic lifters.

Removal, loading, unloading and the move-in of the injection moulding machine

Recently, we’ve replaced an injection moulding machine for our client. At first our technicians moved out the Husky injection moulding machine weighting 70 tons that was loaded using a 70 tons capacity crane in front of the hall on the oversized transport. Then, in its place, a new injection moulding machine was moved into the hall which was also unloaded using a crane and placed on transport rollers. Our staff installed and assembled the Krauss Maffei 1300 injection moulding machine in the place indicated by our client.

Lifting aeroplanes – Main hangar at Polish Aviation Museum

Because of the undertaking of a new exhibition in the hangar of Polish Aviation Museum in Kraków, our staff had the honour of lifting 3 aeroplanes: – Linusov Li-2 – Tupolew Tu-2 – Junkers Ju 52 Our task was to design and make holders allowing for lifting aeroplanes at a height of about 3 metres and then mount and fasten them to specially designed stands. The main goal of our team was to set the planes in such a way that they make an impression that they are flying. We are proud of the possibility to take part in such a project, which due to the age of the planes wasn’t easy. However, our experience allowed us to do the task safely.

Disassembly and utilisation of machines for the automotive industry

This time our company received an order from our regular client who prepares a hall for a new assembly line and as a result they want to utilise the old one. Our technicians in accordance with the client’s expectations started by disconnecting all utilities: electrical power supply, compressed air, chilled water, gas for machines. Then, they proceeded to disassemble the robots from the machines, which at the request of the client, were sent to the warehouse in specially prepared boxes. The remaining parts from 58 machines in which we were disassembling robots, were moved out from the hall to the designated place, oil was pumped out of them, and then the corpus of each of them was loaded on vehicles of the company specialised in machines utilisation. Finally, our technicians moved all utilities back to the nearest power points, dismantled all hanging infrastructure such as busbars, ventilation ducts, making room for a new assembly line.

C.M.S.Machine Transfer from England to Poland

In this difficult time for all of us, our team faced the task of transferring a machine from England to Poland, to meet the requirements of our client, B8 Group took up this order despite obligatory quarantine. Properly prepared documentation and the fact that our technicians and engineers underwent COVID-19 tests allowed us to omit the obligatory quarantine in England and we could start the disassembly of machines which were of high importance for our client. The main tasks of our team included disconnection, removal and packing the assembly line, the most important of which were the C.M.S. Press. PRM 75-1-2-770 and Expander C.M.S. MOC-A-T-8000. Then, after packing the machine into heat shrink film, which our technicians welded so that the machines are not prone to the weather conditions, they were loaded on the lorries provided by our company. At the client’s site, the machines were unloaded and assembled in accordance with the plan of machines arrangement. The scope of our order also included launching the machines, and training operators. It was another comprehensive order undertaken for this client, which resulted in subsequent orders in the upcoming year.

Replacement of a metallurgical furnace insert in Huta Cynku in Miasteczko Śląskie

During the renovation downtime at Huta Cynku in Miasteczko Śląskie, our company was entrusted with the task of replacing the insert of metallurgical furnace. This insert is replaced every 10 years and this task, due to the weight of the insert (about 350 tons) as well as the high centre of gravity, required exceptional precision from our team. We used four hydraulic lifters each with a lifting capacity of 150 tons which were powered by a hydraulic pump. With such a complicated order, we had to take care of even the smallest details, because while disassembly of the insert, we could only lift it by 1 cm so that it wouldn’t get stuck under the upper flange. After lifting the insert on specially prepared trolleys, it left from under the flange and then it was placed on the structure, which had swivel rollers, and it left the building on this structure. Then, on the above-mentioned trolleys, in the place of the old insert, the new one was installed. Once again, our technicians have managed to complete the task, and we as engineers managing such a team were very proud and full of hope that in this way we acquired another client.

A comprehensive transfer of transformers– disassembly and removal of transformers in Heat and Power plant Siechnice

In the area of the Heat and Power Plant in Siechnice, our technicians disassembled and removed two transformers from the building. Dry-type transformer weighing 29 tons was at a special platform of which it was taken to the zero level using special hydraulic lifters and transport rollers. Then, the transformer was moved outside the hall using rollers and it was loaded on flat-bed trailer. The transformer was transported to the place indicated by the client where after unloading, we moved it to the other hall. The second oil transformer weighing 56 tons, after disassembly and move out from the hall, was transported and secured on an intermediate storage area belonging to Heat and Power Plant in Siechnice.

Relocation and the move-in of the new Durst Rho 512R LED plotter

Relocation and the move-in of the new Durst Rho 512R LED plotter Our technicians, using a forklift with a lifting capacity of 16 tons and transport rollers, moved the Durst plotter into the hall. After the plotter was installed in its final location, our technicians took care of the relocation of another client’s machine inside the hall.

Disassembly of the sewing room at the automotive plant

The scope of our work also included the preparation and delivery of crates in which the machines were safely packed so that they could reach Turkey untouched. If you are looking for a company which will provide a comprehensive disassembly of machines or production line and then packs and secures everything for transport, we kindly invite to contact us.

Unloading the production line of the Ball Mill

13 40ft containers filled with crates with production line elements straight from Taiwan. The weight of the heaviest crate was 20 tons, everything was unloaded during 2 days

Salvagnini L3 laser relocation

The scope of our works included disassembly, transport between plants, assembly, running utilities, maintenance and start-up at the destination.