Disassembly of machinery

Every plant owner who plans to expand or relocate the machinery has to face the disassembly process. The way this process is carried out determines the subsequent proper operation of the devices. Also, care must be taken to minimize the impact on other processes. Is it possible to disassemble the installation without crippling the entire company? Of course, it is! However, for this to happen, you have to choose a trusted contractor.

Demontaż maszyn przez zaufanego wykonawcę
Maszyny przemysłowe demontujemy za pomocą specjalistycznego sprzętu

Disassembly of machines – how do we plan the works?

We start with consulting the client. The detailed exchange of information allows us to plan the work in such a way that it has no impact on the operation of the other machines in the plant (and, if this can’t be done, to make the impact as little as possible). Actions are planned carefully and well in advance.

Depending on the complexity, the disassembly can proceed in stages and be time-consuming, so one of the initial considerations is to create a work schedule. Preparing the plan in advance also allows the recipient to implement temporary changes in other areas, if necessary. Our specialists consult the client to jointly determine the way that will ensure that not all processes in the company are stopped. The division of work into stages allows to quickly release a given area and smoothly move to the next place.

Professional disassembly of industrial machines

Our company has resources enabling proper disassembly of industrial equipment. Our machine park includes specialized cranes and various types of hydraulic machines, such as overhead cranes and jacks, rollers and transport platforms, or airbags.

Such a wide range of devices allows us to disassemble even the most complex industrial installations. We carried out works related to the disassembly of furnaces, injection molding machines, or hydraulic presses. A qualified team effectively plans and supervises the safe disassembly of even those machines that, due to their weight, might cause problems for crews without specialized equipment.

Etapowa realizacja demontażu maszyn przez sprawdzonego wykonawcę

Disassembly of machines – take advantage of our experience!

One of our areas of expertise is disassembling industrial machinery and devices. Modern technologies and qualified specialists allow us to provide services at the highest level. We carefully plan the next stages of the work, and the schedule is subject to detailed consultations with the client. The need to maintain undisturbed operation of other processes in the plant is of paramount importance to us.

Are you planning to disassemble industrial machinery and looking for a reliable contractor? Don’t delay and contact us now! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have, as well as provide detailed information on the offer.

The services that we provide in connection with machine disassembly services include:

Disassembly of machinery step by step


The client submits a request for a quotation covering the scope of works. They can do it by email, through a form, or by phone.

2. On-site visit

We organize a meeting with the client in the production plant to assess the technical and logistic capabilities of the project.

3. Offer

We send an offer tailored to the scope of the inquiry and the details agreed upon during the meeting with the client.

4. Implementation

We carry out the project in accordance with the specifications set out in the order and the offer confirmed by the client


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150+ disposals

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140 + clients

who keep coming back and recommending us

75+ international projects

in the European Union, but also in Mexico, Canada, or Turkey

80 technicians

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Zasady współpracy

Żeby przedstawić Ci naszą propozycję zasad współpracy, poprosimy Cię o informacje na temat zlecenia.

Na wstępie możemy Ci powiedzieć, że dotychczasowi klienci cenią nas za:

Żeby przedstawić Ci naszą propozycję zasad współpracy, poprosimy Cię o informacje na temat zlecenia.

Na wstępie możemy Ci powiedzieć, że dotychczasowi klienci cenią nas za:

Oferta jest taka, że można byłoby się pokusić o niepodpisywanie umowy. Wszystko w niej jest i to zaoszczędza nasz czas, bo nie musimy o nic dopytywać. Nie jest to jednak dwudziestostronicowa książka. Oferta jest precyzyjna, jasno podzielona, przejrzysta – warunki usług, płatności, terminy.

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Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions from our customers:

Yes, we offer the full range of services, from disassembly and transport to
installation and start-up.

Yes, we provide services throughout the country.

Yes, of course. We provide services throughout Europe and around the world
(for example, in Mexico or Canada).

Feel free to contact us – we will determine the details together during the meeting.

We have experience in small and large projects, simple and complicated ones. We take on very different projects and always look for optimal solutions. Examples of our projects can be found here: https://b8group.pl/en/our-projects/

We are very flexible – we carry out projects at non-standard hours and on weekends.

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