About B8 Group

We specialize in relocation and installation of industrial machinery. We plan and implement projects requiring specialized knowledge and experience.

Zespół B8 group podczas realizacji zlecenia

Our experience

By industry

Relocation of transformers, installation, and disassembly in the CHP plant

Installation of the photovoltaic farm structure

Disassembly and relocation of waste segregation lines

Disassembly and relocation of plastic waste compacting presses ( cans )

Relocation of production lines for the automotive industry

Installation of new shipping lines for the automotive industry

Unloading, relocation, and installation of reprographic machines

Relocation and installation of machines used in other heavy industries

Disassembly, installation, and relocation of production lines for the production of cartons, foils

Relocation and installation of metalworking machines, manufactured, for example, by Salvagnini, CMS, FINN POWER

Relocation and installation of machines used in other heavy industries

Disassembly of old filter presses, reconstruction of water, air, and electrical installations, and installation of new filter presses at Chemical Plants

Installation of sterilization chamber for medical products

Installation of a furnace and a technological line for firing ceramic building materials,

Installation of technological lines for the production of PVC pipes

By projects

Unloading, placing, and installation of new machines

Installation of production lines, for instance, for the automotive, cosmetic, food, and pharmaceutical industries

Disassembly of production lines, for instance, for the automotive, cosmetics, food, and pharmaceutical industry

Disposal of automotive machinery

Design and construction of a shipping line for the automotive industry

Mechanical installations of process lines

Connection, disconnection, construction of new electrical connections together with cable routing and detailed measurements

Connection, disconnection, and construction of new connections to the compressed air system

Connection, disconnection, and construction of new chilled water connections

Connection, disconnection, and construction of new gas installations

Support of maintenance departments

Modernization of the production line in an automotive factory

Modernization of feeders and shipping tables in the automotive industry

Organization of transport of machines and entire technological lines

Installation of, for example, 210 tons of steel structure on 5 floors of the factory, on which the process line was then installed

Installation of steel structures as supporting structures of process lines

Installation of a photovoltaic farm structure

Replacement of furnace liners

Installation of metallurgical furnaces

Installation and construction of boilers for straw and biomass

How we work

Our customers keep coming back and recommending us because we combine two approaches that are hard to find together elsewhere. Our clients say that the problems with other companies on the market are either rigid rules and difficult communication, or low prices that entail insufficient quality and scope. Meanwhile, the B8 Group offers…

many years of experience with international companies

highest standards of work

rapidly growing Polish company

we are agile, ingenious and flexible

substantive advice from the first conversation

Unsure how to relocate or install machines? We have had several years of experience, carried out several hundreds of projects. We also continuously expand our knowledge. It all means that we will be able to propose solutions already during our first meeting.

proactive search for

Are you tired of specialists telling you it can’t be done? We look for solutions, not problems. We usually solve the problem even before the client realizes that something could be a challenge.

detailed scope of work

Are you worried that your specification doesn’t include everything that will be necessary for the implementation of the project? Clients say that our contracts are so well structured and our cost estimates so detailed that there can be no surprises.

quick response to inquiries

Are you tired of waiting days and weeks for the contractor to respond? If you call or text us, we will contact you within a maximum of 24 hours. It may happen that we will have implemented the project before another contractor replies to your inquiry.

scheduling all works

Working without a schedule and paying attention to deadlines may mean that your project won’t be a successful one. We meet our deadlines. We monitor every project on an ongoing basis. We respond to emergencies immediately.

short and flexible timeframes

Not sure when the machine will be produced or arriving? We will adapt to the situation and be ready when you give us the green light.

protection of entrusted property

Don’t want to risk damaging your valuable machinery? In addition to the utmost care, we always guarantee tailored insurance.

smooth project implementation

Is your worst-case scenario including production downtime and crew sitting back and doing nothing? Great planning, good management, and our motivated employees guarantee that the project will be implemented as fast as possible.

occupational safety

Do you want to make sure that our employees use personal protective equipment and follow safety procedures? Compliance with all health and safety requirements is a top priority for us.

good price in relation to the scope

You don’t look at the price only but still want the best possible offer? Our customers say we compare well to our competitors when it comes to cost and scope.

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15 years

of B8 supporting companies in industrial relocations

320+ projects

our track record so far

80 + lines

number of lines we relocated

34000+ tonnes

weight of the machines we transported

140+ clients

who keep coming back and recommending us

75+ international projects

in the European Union, but also in Mexico, Canada, or Turkey

10 engineers

managing our projects

80 technicians

of various specializations implementing projects in and outside of Poland

Machine park

Why we deal with relocations

The founder of the B8 Group, after 15 years of work with relocations in large international companies, decided in 2010 to set up his own company, where he would use his experience. Here, he wanted to instill the highest standards of both workmanship and corporate service.

Over the years, we have managed to assemble a team that is not only experienced and competent but is still eager to take on one-of-a-kind challenges and look for ingenious solutions.

Damian Pabijańczyk

Founder of B8 Group. A qualified engineer with many years of experience in project management and engineering consulting.

He is an enthusiast of new technologies, constantly expanding and updating his knowledge, thanks to which he can provide services at the highest level.


Magdalena Stola-Pabijańczyk


Sales manager B8 group

Małgorzata Tomków

Business Development Director

Łukasz Pasternak

Projekt Director

District manager B8 group

Jarosław Troć

District manager

Małgorzata Dziuba

Chief accountant

Dorota Brejna

HR Business Partner

Kierownik działu logistyki i zakupów B8 group

Paweł Michniewicz

Head of the logistics and purchasing department

Starszy specjalista ds. kontrolingu B8 group

Karolina Mielnicka

Financial Controller

Specjalista ds. wsparcia sprzedaży B8 group

Dorota Szargawińska

Sales support specialist

Specjalista ds. Zakupów B8 group

Anna Jabłońska

Procurement specialist

Robert Wilga

Shopping specialist

Kierownik Projektu w B8 group

Krzysztof Kazimierek

Project manager

Inżynier projektu w B8 group

Andrzej Kaczorkiewicz

Project manager

Jakub Janus

Project manager

Grzegorz Antsypau

Works Manager

Kierownik w B8 group

Waldemar Damaszka


Supervisor w B8 group

Dariusz Plutecki


Kierownik w B8 group

Jerzy Pabijańczyk


Dariusz Kozioł

Health and Safety Specialist

Specjalista ds. Administracyjno-Biurowych w B8 group

Mariia Savenko

Administration and billing specialist

Żaneta Pietroń

Administration and billing specialist

Księgowa w B8group

Klaudia Mały


Malwina Gabryluk


Specjalista do spraw kadr i administracji w B8group

Agnieszka Szpak

HR and administration specialist

Oleksandra Piatkova

Junior HR and payroll specialist

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